Printmaking Exploration

Printmaking Exploration – July 15-21

Erin Boe

Have you always wanted to try printmaking? We’ll explore relief and stencil printmaking, brainstorm and sketch our ideas, then carve designs into wood blocks and linoleum blocks. You’ll learn how to mix paint, apply it to blocks with rollers, and create prints on paper or cards. We’ll further explore printmaking by cutting designs from plastic to make stencils. Your handmade printing blocks and stencils can be brought home and used again and again! Those who register for this week will receive a list of materials to bring to camp.

Erin Boe is high school art teacher and freelance children’s illustrator. She holds a Master of Arts in Teaching from Augsburg University and a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts from the University of Minnesota. She loves developing arts curriculum and has a special fondness for printmaking and comic arts!