Stitch and Click: Hand-Sewing and Phone Photography

Stitch and Click: Hand-Sewing and Phone Photography

July 8-15

Kim Christensen and Dan Zimmermann

Visible mending is a blast from the past, a way of fixing and decorating favorite jeans and other clothing. We’ll revisit techniques from the ‘60s and learn new ones, starting with the creation of our own kits, including Sashiko thimble, needle case, and stitched bag to hold them. Then we will learn to stitch, embellish, and mend.  Bring a well-loved garment that needs some attention, or work with fabrics from Kim’s “archives.” We will practice Sashiko stitching, boro mending, and magical stitches.

Camera-phones are amazing devices, and we rarely use even 10% of their capabilities.  We are going to learn *everything* about our camera phones while studying the basics of good photography.  This will give us the creative control we need to capture the beautiful imagery that pervades our lives.

Kim works at Lakes Makerie, a textile shop in Minneapolis. Dan has been an avocational photographer for 50 years and is excited to share what he’s learned.