Alison Albrecht (she/her)

President, Term 2: 2022-2025

I began attending Camp UniStar in 2005 with my children Audrey and Owen (both are in their twenties now). Within two days of being at camp they asked me if we could come back the following year. I’ve missed some years of late, but it’s still a special place that I’m committed to. Owen was on staff for several years.

I retired about eight years ago after over 25 years of experience working with nonprofits, primarily in the area of fundraising (self-employed for 11 years). I’ve worked with a large range of organizations (e.g., the arts, social service, small, large) and always enjoyed helping organizations achieve their missions.

My leadership style leans towards actively listening to others, gathering information and processing. I am guided by my top three core values – respect, spirituality and love.

A few of my interests include painting, hiking, cross-country skiing, kayaking, and connecting with family and friends. My husband Bob and I married in 2014, expanding my family to two more “kids” and their partners (Kate & Bryan, Eric & Becky). We became grandparents to Alexandra Grace in September 2021.n facilisis efficiantur sea, nobis consul mediocrem ad his. Sit fugit discere inciderint ei. Reque eloquentiam qui ut, ne sit viris assueverit, eos reque eirmod at.