Create a Nature Journal

Create a Nature Journal – August 19-26 (Adults-only week)

Deb Mowry

Make a journal to record your experiences with nature. The week is about enjoying nature and improving your observation skills of nature through writing, making quick simple sketches, and note-taking. Journaling your nature experience will lead to increased curiosity and closer observation. You will notice seasonal changes earlier; understand interactions in nature; see more colors in, for example, a bird feather; look at patterns and numbers in nature; ask questions, and enjoy the outdoors more. Topics might include: nature journaling, observing color, comparing and contrasting, and adding words and poetry to your entry.

Deb Mowry is a member of the Rochester MN UU church.  A native of southern Iowa, she became a certified master naturalist in Nebraska before moving to Rochester to be closer to family. Now retired, Deb enjoys exploring the parks and nature in Minnesota. She has been nature journaling for ten years and has taught nature journaling for 6 years.